How To Remove Google Redirect Virus

Over 60% of browsing and searching done on the Internet is conducted through the Google search engine. Google has become so popular that the actual name, “Google,” is used as a verb to refer to searching the web. The popularity of Google is unparalleled, and no other search engine is even remotely as popular. Since Google dominates such a large share of the market, Scammers are always looking at new ways of manipulating search results and since they know that everybody visits, they have designed malware which actually redirect users to malicious websites. What actually happens is, when you search something on Google, the viruses changes the links in browser to malicious websites and when you click on those links, you are sent to a bogus website instead of your original destination.

What is Google Redirect Virus?

This is a malicious piece of malware that affects all search engines and browsers. The Google Redirect Virus has been wreaking havoc and sending users to questionable pages. As you could imagine the Google Redirect Virus is a highly complex and mature version of the extremely malicious Trojan Horse virus. Currently, there are millions of Internet users whose computer system has been infected with the virus. The malicious software allows users to click on a link to a particular website. Instead of the browser opening the user’s intended website, the Google Redirect Virus will redirect the user to a totally irrelevant site. In many cases, the site the user is redirected to contains additional dangerous or malicious material.

The Google redirect virus is extremely difficult to get rid of because it is actually not a virus. This malware is actually a rootkit infection. Rootkits are malware infections that intelligently remove any traces of its presence. Once the rootkit infiltrates your computer, it imbeds itself into the basic operating system files. With no traces of its presence, the infection looks identical to your normal operating system files. If you are lucky enough to detect the actual file, removing it is even more difficult because the rootkit is deeply associated with the actual file. Currently, out of all of the antivirus protection software on the market, none of them can guarantee protection from this infection. To make matters even worse, this rootkit has dangerous associations with Trojans.

Even If Everything You’ve Tried So Far Has Failed, Trust Me,This Will Work!

Working Solution For Google Redirect Virus
You must be wondering about how can I be so sure about the solution to Google Redirect Virus. This is because I’ve faced this problems myself and nothing worked. I tried lots of anti-malware program but this rootkit infection its actually files and is not detectable.
I got this virus from a website from a Javascript Pop-up and I don’t know what happened but the browser hanged for a few seconds but I thought no damage was done. I turned my computer off and next day, as usual, I searched on Google and felt like something strange was happening.
I was clicking on search results and reaching to the websites which I really don’t want to visit. I searched about the redirects and discovered that my computer was infected with Google Redirect virus. I tried lots of different programs but nothing worked. It was very scary to read so many forums and still no joy. The solutions which worked for some people didn’t work for me because this virus infects machines in different ways!
I did very extensive research on this and found that this virus hides behind services or drivers in the computer. Finally, I found a solution which worked for me in no time. I can’t believe that I wasted so much time when the solution is so easy!I am certain that this solution will work for most of the guys infected with this virus.
Please follow these simple steps to get rid of Google Redirect Virus:

1. First of all, you’ll need to download a Spyware Remover to scan your computer. I installed Spy Hunter because many people claimed that It works against this rootkit infected. Click the button below to download Spy Hunter and install it in your system. After downloading, Scan All Files on your computer and Fix the infections.

Download Spyware Doctor

2. After you are done with Step No.1, please Download Free TDSSKiller Utility From Kaspersky Labs and run it in your system. This is a very powerful utility which will scan for files running behind the services. Please note that hidden services are very hard to find but this utility does its job very well in finding and removing malicious hidden services. This utility will detect the malicious drivers running with the Windows Services and actually fix them.

3. Now Restart your computer and now the virus is gone! Search in any browser and check for yourself! That’s it!

Please follow the above steps literally and please thank me (I deserve it!) by putting your comments below! If you have any questions, concerns or problems, please don’t hesitate to shoot an email to webmaster [at] and I’ll get back to you within a few hours, I promise.

This image shows exactly what happens when Google Redirect Virus is present in your computer :

Remove Google Redirect Virus

Hackers are very inventive with the methods they use to spread viruses and malicious software. If you clicked a suspicious banner, your computer could have become infected from doing so. One of the major ways the virus is transmitted is through multimedia downloads. If you download screen savers, music videos, or music, you are potentially making your computer susceptible to an infection. Another method of transmittal is through the installation of programs.

You should always verify the integrity and validity of a program before you install it. Even then, some programs come packed with additional software masked as a safe program. Hackers will commonly use “scareware”, which appears to be an online viral scanner. The scanner will tell you that your computer is infected, and you should download a particular program to remove the infection. In essence you would have been actually downloading the virus. Simply put, you are your first line of defense from malicious software. You must use good judgment and common sense. If you are leery about a site, you should not trust any of the content from the site.

Can’t Get Rid of The Virus ?

The virus can be very harmful. If you think you have an infection, it may start out as a simple annoying feature. However, it can quickly turn into a very expensive identity theft, data loss, or your entire computer system may be rendered unstable. The Google redirect virus may:

1 Install several other types of harmful malware. The virus literally acts as a portal, inviting several other types of malware to your computer if the problem is not resolved.

2 While the virus will redirect you to other malicious websites, the overall objective is to steal your information. The virus will install rogue host files; install harmful key loggers, and even DNS hijackers. You use your computer for accessing very sensitive information like your bank account, PayPal account, and eBay account. All of your personal information, usernames, and passwords can be recorded through your keystrokes and transmitted to hackers.

One of the earliest and most common symptoms of the virus is when your Internet browser doesn’t perform the way it should. Another sign is if your personalization settings are changed. For example, your background or screensaver automatically changes to some weird image, you may have the redirect virus. Another common symptom involves the restriction of programs on your computer. The virus has been known to block normal and legitimate programs from working and even prohibiting you from accessing your task manager. One of the worst case scenarios is the horrifying blue screen. This screen is known as the, “Screen of Death” and it is an indicator that your computer registry is corrupted. If you see this screen, your data may either be compromised or lost.

How To Remove Google Redirect Virus Automatically

Unless you are relatively savvy with computers, the automatic removal is the best procedure for removing this virus. Removing the virus manually can cause several other problems like file corruption, which may render your system inoperable. However, if you so choose, the steps for removing the malware manually are listed below. For the most secure and easiest method, the automatic removal will wipe your computer clean. Automatic removal will also detect and remove other malicious software that may be on your computer. Google Redirect Virus Removal

To remove this malware easily, I highly recommend products like Spy Hunter or Malware Bytes Anti-Malware. These products will remove the virus and also protect your computer from such instances in future.

How To Remove Google Redirect virus Manually?

How Do You Remove the Virus Manually?

To effectively remove the Google redirect virus manually, you should have a significant amount of computer knowledge. This process doesn’t guarantee the removal of the virus, but in multiple cases this process has been deemed successful. The following process is directed toward the common list of locations where the virus generally attaches itself in the computer.

1. Click on the Start menu. Find run. In the run field, type “control folders”. Click the “view” tab. Here, you are going to enable the ability to shoe hidden files, folders, and drives. Be sure to uncheck the boxes reading “hide extensions for known file types,” and “hide protected operating system files,” if these options are not unchecked.

2. Again, go to the start menu. Click on run. In the box, type “msconfig”. If using Vista or Windows 7, click on the “boot” tab. If using XP, find the “boot.ini” tab. Check the bootlog contained there.

3. Restart your computer.

4. Start the process of Internet Explorer Optimization. Even if using another browser, still carry out this step. This is a very long step, but stick with it. Go to run, again, and type in “inetcpl.cpl”. Click on internet options. Click on delete under browsing history. Check all the boxes, except passwords, if you use that option in IE. Click “Delete” button. Now, go to the “Security” tab. Click the option to “Reset all zones to default level”. If you cannot click, it is already checked. Click on the “Privacy” tab and click on “default level.” Continue on to the “Content” tab. Here, click “Clear SSL state.” Click “OK” on the message that pops up. Now, click on the “Connection” tab, and click on “LAN Settings.” Check “Automaticall detect Settings.” If checked, also uncheck “Use automatic configuration script” and “Proxy server.” Now, click “Programs” and go to “Manage add-ons”. Check the publisher names of each add on listed to see if it is legitimate. Remove any toolbars you do not use, and disable any that seem suspicious. Finally, click on the “Advanced” tab and check, “Restore advanced settings”. Lastly, as a precaution, you may also want to click the “Reset” button under the Advanced tab.

5. Now, go to run again and type in “devmgmt.msc”. Click the “View” tab and select “show hidden devices,” Look for “non-plug and play drivers” in the list. Expand the list under option. If you find an entry called “TDSSserv.sys,” right click and uninstall it.

6. Go back to run and type in “regedit”. Click on Edit, then Find. Search for TDSS. If there is simply an entry on the left, delete it. If you find one with file details on the right, locate that folder and delete the “TDSSmain.dll” in that folder. Or, use the command prompt to remove it. Delete all the entries and files in other folders with TDSS. If you cannot find these folders, go to the next step.

7. Check the file created in step two called “ntbtlog.txt”. Look through the file to see if you have any “TDSSserve.sys” files. Then, follow the steps in step 6 to remove them all.

Note: Not all corrupted files will be named “TDSS”. Just look for any nonsensical file names, such as names that make no sense, and that no company would give to their files names.

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  1. Fran Stone says:

    Ran the TDSSKiller and found infection. Followed other instructions and got cured for Google Redirect. thanks a lot!!!!
    This is the infected driver C:WINDOWSsystem32DRIVERSmouclass.sys

    It found and restored the proper file

  2. Gene Grieve says:

    Used the Redirect Virus removal tool and worked perfectly,,,I am using Stopzilla 5 as a primary support to keep the computer clear… I thought that it would get this Redirect Virus…but did work on allot of other issues…. I also use Commodo and Clam Win… but again this removal of the TDSS Serv.sys…….again hope to keep working ok I have a older acer Aspire 5002wlmi… thanks Gene

  3. Andy says:

    The automated TDSSKiller and other steps did exactly what you said it would do and has seemed to fix the issue (2 days now). This has been a real pain dealing with this and thank you for this fix.

  4. Tom Stewart says:

    Excellent software. Removed problem. Thanks much.

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  6. Laura says:

    Thank you so much for your help. After running several programs to detect the virus with no luck I came across your website, followed the instructions literally and POOF it was gone. Again, thanks.

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    Worked like a charm! Been chasing this virus on a friend’s laptop for a week now. Other avenues either expensive or too complicated. Thanks a million.

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    This removal toolkit is brilliant. I am a software engineer and this virus was winning all the way right up to the momement I downloaded your fix. Thanks, I was beginning to look for my recovery and driver discs

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